Freitag- friday - vendredi

00:10h RENEGADE in der Halle - in the gym -

Moderation: Aaron & Moe

Regie: DU - YOU - TU


Samstag - saturday- samedi

ab 19:30h GaLaer-Show

Regie: Zirkustheater StandArt

Moderation:  Zirkustheater StandArt   read more

line up:

Alexis Levillon  read more

Andre Hidalgo  watch more ;)

Bernhard Müller

Duo base & fly

Felix Feldmann read more

Lauge Spin Benjaminsons   see more

Lydia Nölle

Jacob Sharpe   watch more

Jan Daumin & Luca Pferdmenges    watch here  and   read more

Jona Harnischmacher   watch more

Mees Jager

Riky Riccardo Tanca   watch more


Jannis & Zoe as always ;)


Samstag - saturday- samedi

 Fire Open Stage,


in front of the gym, after the GaLaer-Show



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